Katie & Christopher

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Words can’t describe how excited we are to have you join us in the celebration of our wedding. It means the world to us to be spending this special time with so many people we love. We can’t wait!

- Katie & Christopher

Our Story

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The Bride's Take

After Christopher left for a weekend at Foxwoods, I headed to Groton to meet Kristen to get our nails done, shop and have lunch. Kristen also wanted help with a gift for her sister’s nursery – she was about to be an aunt! Since her sister and brother-in-law were married at The Barn at Gibbet Hill and planning a princess-themed nursery (or so I was told), she wanted to frame a picture of a castle.. and what better than the one at the top of Gibbet Hill? After getting the hint from her mom to head up there – it was the perfect, sunny day – we picked up a camera from her parents’ house and made the trek to the top. Rounding the corner to get a better view, Kristen goes “look, there are flowers!” Seeing rose petals on the ground, I gasped and said, “Kristen, it looks like someone is getting engaged.. we shouldn’t be up here!” As I turned away, I saw him standing there, the shock hit me and the happy tears began.

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The Groom's Version

Heading to the castle for a trial run the day before, I remember thinking there was no way Katie would ever believe that I was taking a random trip to the casino and that she had to hike up a hill to take pictures for a nursery the following day. That was before I knew I was dealing with the ‘Queen of Lies’ (Kristen) and the most gullible bride to be…

Ever since I met Katie, she has been very special to me and I needed to find a way to show her that. Plus, I’m pretty sure she thought on countless other occasions that “maybe this is the night?” Gibbet Hill certainly made this special for Katie as she had grown up down the street day-dreaming of her very own castle-themed wedding. As I climbed the hill on the big day, I was nervous and other hikers and teenagers didn’t help (guys, give me like 10 minutes please?!). After what felt like forever and a few shots of fireball later, Katie finally came walking up, camera in hand, not having a clue what was coming next. When she spotted the flowers and then where I was hiding, words can’t describe what I felt as she walked slowly towards me.

The surprises didn’t stop there – our families were waiting at the bottom of hill with champagne to toast. And as if that wasn’t enough, our closest friends surprised Katie at her parents’ house – officially making it the best day ever.

Bridal Squad

The Men


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    Picnic Hike

    For those in town for the weekend, join us for a walk (1.2 mi) from Katie’s parents house in Groton center to the top of Gibbet Hill – aka the scene of the crime!

    We’ll bring snacks and champagne and take in the sunset views of Groton.

    Bancroft's Castle

    June 23
    6 - 8pm

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    Casual and comfy "athleisure"

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    Welcome Drinks

    Rehearsal and dinner details for the wedding party to come.

    If you’re able to get out to Groton on Saturday, we’ll be meeting at a bar near the hotel after the rehearsal dinner (at Great Road Kitchen) and toast to the weekend!

    Tavern in the Square

    June 24
    7:30 - 9pm

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    After we cross our fingers and toes for sunny skies and an outdoor ceremony, ‘Rev. Raff’ will lead us in service, Katie will probably cry (a lot), and then we’ll say I do!

    The Barn at Gibbet Hill

    June 25

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    Summer Cocktail Attire - the ceremony (weather permitting) will be on the lawn

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    The #sundayfunday moment we all have been waiting for!

    Enjoy a moscow mule on the deck while the newlyweds (wait, us?) snap photos. Then gather in the barn for dinner (filet mignon, parmesan-crusted haddock or roasted vegetable napoleon), dancing and our favorite band, The Classic Yellow!

    The Barn at Gibbet Hill

    June 25

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    Dancing shoes required

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    Goodbye Brunch

    Since we’ll be in denial that the weekend has come to a close, join us one last time before hitting the road.

    As you check out of the hotel, join us downstairs for a quick bite to eat and a cup of coffee. You’ll need it.

    June 26
    Time: TBD

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    Whatever is left in your suitcase


We can’t wait for you to spend the weekend with us and we’ve reserved room blocks at a discounted rate at the hotel below. Believe it or not, it is booking up quickly! We suggest you reserve a room soon!

Note: we will have transportation to and from hotel and wedding. The Groton area is very strict, and we do NOT want ANYONE behind the wheel that shouldn’t be!

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Courtyard Boston Littleton
Courtyard Boston Littleton

102 Constitution Avenue
Littleton, Massachusetts 01460
(978) 440-5040


$139 per night


7.1 miles from venue


Goudey Morrison Wedding

More Info
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Groton, MA

Get Busy



Filho's Cucina

235 Main Street
Groton, MA

Casual restaurant very close to the Goudey residence, offering traditional Italian dishes, with a BYOB policy & counter service.

Check out Katie and Christopher’s favorites – the Misto Griglia salad and the Lindsey’s Chicken panini. Grab a cold beer or bottle of wine next door at The Groton Market – the best liquor store in town.


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Gibbet Hill Grill

61 Lowell Road
Groton, MA

Next door to the ceremony and reception venue is the Gibbet Hill Grill, an elegant spot in a converted barn that grows the produce featured in its menu of refined New England eats.

You can’t go wrong with the steak tips, and be sure to save room for dessert – the milk and cookies are so. good.



Blackbird Cafe

491 Main Street
Groton, MA

In need of a good breakfast and coffee?

A great local spot off the bike path for coffee, espresso, tea, and pastries.

Swing by for bagels with homemade cream cheese flavors and fresh baked goods daily.



Great Road Kitchen

Constitution Avenue (in same plaza as hotel)
Littleton, MA

Come here to find a great oyster bar, hand made pasta, local catch, quality meats and chops.

A great bar area, tournament shuffle board tables, several TV’s to watch the big game and a beer, wine and mixology program.



Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

Constitution Avenue (in same plaza as hotel)
Littleton, MA

Casual coal-fired pizza chain serving charred-crust pies, wings, subs & Italian plates in a modern setting.


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Kimball Farm

400 Littleton Road
Westford, MA

The. best. ice. cream.

You can come to Kimball’s for great food (fried clam shack and BBQ), beers, ice cream and more.

See more things to do on the “Do” page!



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Other Info

We always call Groton a “cow town” and say its “in the middle of nowhere” which is kind of crazy since its only an hour from Boston. But, once you get here, you’ll see why.

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We appreciate you coming from far and wide to be with us at the start of summer. Your attendance is as good a gift as any!

In anticipation of your next visit to Quincy, if you feel inclined to add a little something to our new home or give us a special experience on our honeymoon, you can browse all of our our ‘wishes’ at Blueprint Registry, or by clicking the links below.